Dip Powder, Short Nails, Extensions and Length (and maybe Press-Ons?)

Dip Powder, Short Nails, Extensions and Length (and maybe Press-Ons?)


Let’s talk about questions you might have about short nails, Dip Powder, Extensions, and Length.  If you have short natural nails, you might want to put Dip Powder on them, or you might want to do an extension and then put Dip Powder on them, so what are your options and what is best for you?  Let’s look about what you can and cannot do, what’s easiest to do, and when we are done you can pick the option that’s best for you!


First, short natural nails.  Nothing wrong with them!  If you want to, you can do a Dip Powder manicure, you can do a Gel Polish manicure – anything you want, really.  Short natural nails won’t stop Dip Powder from giving you all the benefits it usually has – long wear time, no chipping or lifting, long lasting shine, no need for a UV light, easy removal, etc.  All the natural, healthy benefits of Dip Powder apply for short natural nails just as they do for long nails or extensions or tips.  So - if you’ve got short natural nails but want an awesome manicure, go for it, Dip Powder will work great.  There are a lot of reasons for needing or wanting short natural nails – we hear from a lot of nurses who want to have a strong, durable manicure on short natural nails, for example, and Dip Powder works great for them.  Any job or activity that involves using your hands a lot can really beat on your manicure, so it can be easier to have short nails.  The good news is you have short nails and a great manicure with Dip Powder.


But what if you don’t want short nails, even if you have short natural nails?   The good news is you have lots of options here, so depending on what you have available and how much you want to play around, you can choose the best option for you.


The first option that is simplest and has been around the longest is tips.  You can get a set of tips in the size and shape you want and then follow the easy steps outlined here to put them on with Dip Powder:  https://www.revelnail.com/pages/how-to-apply-nail-tips


If you need help figuring out what length or shape, check out this article we wrote, it’s one of our most popular posts ever and it does a good job giving you everything you need to know to pick out the perfect shape for you:  https://www.revelnail.com/blogs/revel-nail-blog/blogchoosing-a-perfect-nail-shape


So, you pick an extension in the shape you want, apply it following those directions, and then you apply a Dip Powder manicure like usual on top and you are all set.  The good news it that because Dip Powder is so strong you can add that length and not worry about the tip popping off or breaking, the Dip Powder will provide the strength you need to keep the nail attached.


A new alternative to Extensions that is becoming the hot new trend in nails is Gel Extensions.  Gel Extensions are like tips, except they are made of gel and shape and adhere better to the nail than traditional extensions because of their flexibility.  They do require a light – 2 lights to be exact, one to set them, and then a traditional UV lamp to fully cure them.  They adhere better, last longer, and are just generally easier to get a great extension with, but they are a little more complicated and do require more tools than tips do.


If you want to get started you can get everything you need to get started with Gel Extensions here:  https://www.revelnail.com/collections/soft-gel-nail-extensions-pre-etched-pre-shaped-gel-tips/products/gel-nail-extension-starter-kit.   You can select the style of tips you want, whether you need a UV Lamp, liquids, etc.  So, depending on if you need just a few things or if you need everything to get started that kit is a great way to get going.


One thing that we should mention that’s a good alternative for getting some length when you need it is Press-Ons.  Press-Ons have evolved a lot since back in the day, and can give you a good looking, durable manicure.  Is it going to take the amount of abuse that a Dip Powder Manicure can withstand?  No, but it is fast and easy and can change your length immediately, so if you find yourself in a situation where you need some length and a mani and need it now, it’s a good option.  There are a lot of styles of Press-Ons here:  https://www.revelnail.com/pages/pressd-reusable-press-on-nails.   


Ok, so there you have it.  You can keep your shorties and have a great manicure with all of the Dip Powder benefits.  You can put tips on – simple and easy.  You can put Gel Extensions on – a bit more complicated, but a better fit and longer lasting extension, it’s the thing every nail tech is doing now – or you can get some Press-Ons and have a fast, complete manicure in less time than it took for us to write this.  Good luck and have fun, whatever you decide to do!