Meet Revel Nail's Sedona Sunset collection

Inspired by the breathtaking hues of Arizona's mesmerizing landscape, Revel Nail is excited to share the Sedona Sunset Collection. This collection captures the essence of vibrant sunsets over the Red Rocks and the tranquil beauty of desert sandstones. Sedona Sunset features an array of dip powder, gel polish, and nail polish meticulously crafted to enhance your natural beauty. Each shade has been expertly curated to reflect the breathtaking colors of the desert, bringing a touch of warmth and radiance to your fingertips this August!

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Powder Perfectionists: August 2nd at 10 AM, ET

Everyone: August 3rd at 10 AM, ET

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PowderDip collection- $49.99

Gel polish collection -$34.99

Nail Polish Collection-$29.99

Dip Powder Gel Polish -$69.99

Dip Powder+,Nail polish-$59.99

Gel Polish + Nail polish-$52.99

Dip Powder+Gel Polish-$89.99

Dip Powder .05 oz Individual-$10

Dip Powder 2 Oz Individual-$24

Nail polish Individual -$7.50

Gel polish-$8.50

Get to Know the Colors

Welcome Revel Nail Sedona Sunset Dip Powder Set, where the captivating hues of Sedona's stunning landscapes come alive on your fingertips. Embark on a mesmerizing journey through nature's vibrant symphony, as we present six delightful dip powders that mirror the awe-inspiring beauty of Sedona's landscape.

Step into the enchanting world of Sedona with the Revel Nail Sedona Sunset Gel Set. This collection of six mesmerizing gel polishes takes inspiration from the breathtaking landscapes and captivating beauty of Sedona's sunset-filled horizons.

This curated collection features six stunning shades that capture the essence of the iconic Sedona landscape, from the vibrant red rocks to the hidden slide rocks, from the warm sandy terrains to the adventurous dusty trails, and finally, to the captivating midnight hikes under the starlit skies.

Ignite your nails with the fiery passion of Sedona's red rocks, gel polish shade G829 will envelop your fingertips in a captivating fiery red hue color, reminiscent of the vibrant sandstone formations during the golden hours of sunrise and sunset. 

Pair with Sedona's D829 Red Rocks vibrant dip powder and your nails will mirror the beauty of the desert at sunrise.

Don't forget the matching P829 Red Rock nail polish available to adorn your nails with the striking and intense colors of Sedona's Red Rocks!

Embrace the mystery of Sedona's hidden slide rocks with G830 Secret Slide Rock gel polish. The shade is a mysterious blend of dark gray and rich blue, reflecting the secrecy and allure of the concealed places waiting to be discovered.

While even enjoying poolside make sure you dive into the secrets of Sedona with this matching mystical Secret Slide rock dip powder D830, perfect for adding the perfect touch, or add to the mystery and intrigue with this deep and alluring nail polish shade, P830, to complete the set.

Embark on a magical journey under the starry sky with captivating G834 Midnight Hike, which is a mood changing blue gel polish. The deep, rich hue mirrors the allure of Sedona's night sky, where stars twinkle like diamonds against the dark backdrop.

D834 Midnight Hike emanates an aura of magic and wonder, capturing the enchanting beauty of Sedona's night sky and a need to have this deep and mystical nail polish to pair.

Feel the comforting embrace of Sedona's sandy terrains with this warm and earthy gel polish. The color G833 Dune Dust is a soft, sandy beige, capturing the essence of sinking your feet into the smooth desert sands and basking in the sun's gentle rays.

Reminiscent of leisurely strolls along Sedona's desert landscapes and the comforting touch of the sand, D833 Dune Dust emanates a feeling of relaxation and harmony.

While feeling the warmth of Sedona's sandy terrains on your fingertips, enjoy the comforting and natural color in nail polish too!

G831 Maroon Mountain is a rich medium mauve with a metallic silver shimmer gel polish that pays homage to the towering natural wonders that make Sedona truly awe-inspiring.

The matching dip powder symbolizes strength and resilience.

Reflecting the enduring beauty of the landscape is a perfect nail polish to match.

G832 Sandstone is a warm cream temperature changer whose earthy brick shade emerges when the air turns from warm to cool. This gel polish ignites a spirit of exploration and embodies the earthy tones of the desert landscape.

Blaze a trail with this adventurous dip powder mirroring the dusty paths of Sedona's captivating wilderness. This shade represents the thrill of embarking on a new journey, leaving a trail of curiosity and excitement in its wake.

Complete your purchase with the matching polish to embrace your adventurous spirit.