Nail Inspo

Nail Inspo


Are you bored with the same colors you always pick for your manicure?  Ready to try something different?  And maybe you even want to try it yourself?  Whether you are going to take your inspo to your favorite Nail Tech or you are going to use it to inspire yourself to do your best mani ever, we have a bunch of ways for you to get inspo that will fire up your imagination and get your creativity going.


The first and best place to get some nail inspo is in our Nail Inspo Gallery, located here:  It has everything you need to get a new mani idea that you’ll love.  It’s all pictures submitted by Revel Nail users of manis they have done, including what colors they used to get that look.  It’s great for seeing how colors look on different skin tones, in different lighting, and paired with other colors.  There are even shots of what the glow in the dark colors look like when they are glowing!  You can browse through and look at the nail designs, the nail shapes other women have have chosen, what colors they are using, and see how it all looks in the real world.  These are pretty much all done by women who are just normal, at home users with no specific training who just love doing fun manis.


You can browse through the gallery, see what catches your eye, and immediately see what that person used to get the look if you want to try it yourself.  Also, if you have some great manis that you are proud of that you made using Revel Nail products – whether it’s Dip Powder, Gel Polish, Gel Extensions, Press’d Press-Ons, whatever you used – you can upload your picture to our gallery to share with other women to help get them inspired.


If you love the idea of a community of women who share nail advice, give feeback on how to get better, provide tips and tricks that they have learned, and above all follow the #1 rule to Be Nice, then you should check out the Revel Nail Customer Community here:  It’s a Facebook group that has almost 100,000 women in it who help each other out, lift each other up, and have a good time sharing nail pictures, ideas, and inspo.  A lot of women have met their Nail Bestie in the group and have built great relationships based on their shared passion of Nails. 


You can also follow us on Instragram, Facebook, TikTook and Pinterest for pictures of manis, whether they are ones that we make or ones our customers share with us, for Nail Inspo that is on trend.  We are always making new colors, products, and designs to keep up with all the new looks that are out there, so follow us for inspiration, ideas, and guides on how to get any new looks you want.




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So whether you need new colors, new design ideas, nail shape inspo, inspiration to try yourself at home, or just like looking at pretty manis, you can browse our inspo gallery and see what other women just like you are doing with their manis and get the inspo you need to love your mani. 


Really, is there any better feeling than getting a compliment on your mani?  Especially when you did it yourself?  So get inspired and get some compliments today!