Revel Nail Gel Polish

Revel Nail Gel Polish


When you think of Revel Nail, most likely the first thing that pops into your head is Revel Nail Dip Powder.  We were the first place you could buy Dip Powder online back in the day, and we have been one of the innovators of pushing Dip Powder to where it is today in the Nail world.  However, did you know that we also sell an awesome Gel Polish?  We have a great formula that provides awesome coverage on the first coat, resists chipping, and keeps an awesome shine.  So if you like Gel Polish nails in addition to dip nails, Revel Nail has what you want for a great Gel Polish mani.


You can get a Gel Polish Starter Kit here:  There are a variety of kits there depending on what you need to get started.  If you need a lamp, removal kit, tools, top and base coat, or just some of that, you can pick and choose from the different kits we offer based on exactly what you need.  Just need a lamp?  You can get it here:


With Gel Polish you need a Top Coat and Base Coat, no matter what color you use. We have some of the best Top and Base Coats in the industry, with great adhesion and long lasting shine.


Then you can pick the colors you want – we have a wide selection of colors, and quite a few of them have a matching Dip Powder as well, if you are looking for a matching mani/pedi set you can do with Dip and Gel.


Once you have a light, Top Coat, Base Coat, and Gel Polish color, you can do your Gel Polish nail manicure.  Once you are ready to remove it, you can get a Removal Kit here:  It has everything you need to safely remove a Gel Polish manicure from your nails.  Remember, Gel Polish is a little more susceptible to peeling and chipping then Dip Powder is, and it’s a huge temptation to pick at it once it starts to chip or peel, but doing that can really damage your nails.  It’s one of the big things we highlight when talk about how safe Gel Polish manicures are for your nails.  It’s not that Gel Polish is damaging your nails, or removal is damaging your nails, it’s the improper removal that is causing the damage.  Because the Gel Polish is cured to adhere to your nails with the lamp, it forms a bond with the top layer of your nails and is adhered to it.  When you pick or peel it, it is damaging that top layer when it pulls off it.  When you use a proper removal technique the acetone dissolves the Gel Polish off your nails and it doesn’t affect the nail at all, leaving it safe and healthy once the Gel Polish is off your nails.


A note on terms – a lot of people use a lot of different terms for the different manicures, so we thought we’d talk about that.  Gel Nails is used a lot, and is the same thing as a Gel Polish Manicure, and so is Gel Nail Polish, that person is referring to Gel Polish. Dip Nails or Dip Gel is sometimes used as well, but is referring to a Dip Powder manicure, not a Gel Polish Manicure, so if you see someone talking about Dip Gel, (or Dip Nails, or Dipped Nails) they are talking about Dip Powder, not Gel Polish.  Hope that helps!