How to Apply Nail Tips

  1. Push back your cuticles and buff the surface of your nails to prep for tips. Find the correct size tip for each nail. The tips must fit the nail side wall to side wall; if you cannot find the perfect size tip, file the sides of a slightly larger tip to fit your natural nail.
  2. Grip the easy hold tab to apply Pro Base to the end of the tip where it will meet your nail. Press the tip on and hold for 30 seconds or until fully dry.
  3. Apply Activator where the tip meets the nail to bond. Clip or fold off the easy hold tab.
  4. File the sides and the surface of the tip to the extension. Brush off excess powder.
  5. Apply Pro Base and dip into D75 Vivien (Clear) to secure the tip onto your nail. This will keep your manicure durable and long-lasting. Brush off excess powder.
  6. Proceed with the Dip Powder application process as normal and flaunt your beautiful dip powder manicure.