Meet Our First Ever Red Glow-In-The-Dark Shade: Rudy!

Our lab has been working hard to create a red glow shade, as requested by our customers. The team was trying to find a glow-in-the-dark pigment that would create the red glow that was desired, while also meeting all of our quality standards. We were able to find that pigment, but we want to note some key differences in Rudy compared to our other glow shades.

To achieve the best glow, it is ideal for a dip powder shade to be light and sheer. This allows light to activate the glow pigments. The darker and more pigmented a dip shade is, the less the glow pigments are activated under normal exposure to light.

For a standard red dip powder, we typically use a higher percentage of colored pigment in the formula to achieve a true classic red shade. This is why you may notice that Rudy needs a little extra exposure to light to activate its glow pigments and look as bright as our other glow shades.

To experience the strongest & brightest glow, we suggest exposing Rudy to your UV lamp to ensure the glow pigments are charged. Also note, the daily UV index may affect the strength of any glow shade.