What Nail Dip Powder do Professionals Use?

What Nail Dip Powder do Professionals Use?


Something we get asked regularly, or read about in some online articles about Dip Powder, is the question “What kind of Dip Powder do Professionals Use in the Nail Salon to do a Dip Powder Manicure?” – often followed by a variety of different answers and explanations, so we’re going to help answer that question for you once and for all!  And just to give you a sneak peek – for a lot them they are using Revel Nail powder!


To help answer this question we’re going to break down salons into 2 categories – price-sensitive salons and luxury salons.  For the sake of this article, we’ll consider price-sensitive salons to the be the ones that are competing for your business by keeping the price of a service low, and they are looking to get customers in and out of chairs to make money.  The luxury salons are ones where the prices for the services are high and they are competing more on making the experience as nice as possible, where you know you are paying extra to get a little more.  While that’s a broad generalization, hopefully that helps paint the picture of the kind of places we are talking about.


Price-sensitive salons are using a lot of material from overseas.  The cheapest Dip Powder is made in China, and it can have a pretty wide range of quality.  Most price-sensitive salons are using low-cost powder from brands that source their powder from China, which helps them keep costs down, as you would expect and is part of their business model.


This powder is inferior to US made powder in terms of the ingredients, durability, consistency, and color.  It just comes down to the fact that lower price, lower quality ingredients are used to make it, so it results in a lower quality product.  Even cheaper, lower quality versions of this powder have flooded Amazon with jars that are intended for home user and have even cheaper ingredients in them to keep prices extremely low – so watch out for them, you are getting what you pay for.


Luxurious salons tend to use more US based brands that you have heard of and are familiar with, and for the most part these brands are using US made powders.  One of the major reasons why is to sell powder in the EU, a huge cosmetics market, you have to pass very strict testing and US made powders can pass it, but most international ones cannot.  So, the big US brands are selling a lot in the EU so they choose the product that can pass EU testing, even if it’s a higher cost than the other options.


For the luxury salon, the difference between a few dollars per jar in Dip Powder when a jar does 20 manicures is very minimal to them, so it’s well worth using the higher quality, recognized name brand.  It makes the customer feel better, provides a better manicure, and offers quality they can depend on.


Revel Nail is one of these US brands, and we are also a manufacturer.  We source materials from in the US to make our Dip Powder, and because we have a 116,000 sq ft manufacturing facility in Blackwood NJ we use to make it, we also manufacture for quite a few other brands.  So, even if you see a big-name US brand on the shelf, it could have Dip Powder that Revel Nail made in it!


The same powder that we sell to Nail Salons and to the other brands that are selling to Nail Salons is what’s in the jar for our home users to get salon level results for themselves at home – there is literally no difference in the powder.  Other than liquids that set faster (Revel Nail’s EZ Care System vs. our Pro System), there is not a difference in the materials we offer to pros and home users. 


There is also a misconception that Acrylic Powder and Dip Powder are the same thing.  Just like an eagle and an owl are both birds, they are both powders, but they are different kinds of Powders.  There is a trend right now for having Dip Powder that can be used in Acrylics as well, and Revel Nail’s 3-in-1 line that we sell to professionals supports this.  But that is Dip Powder that we test – and sometimes alter slightly – to allow it to be used with Acrylics.  The most common issue you’ll see is marbling, that means if you try to use Dip Powder that hasn’t been tested to be used with an Acrylic system the colors will swirl and marble when you try to apply it.  And a lot, but not all, of the Acrylic Powder on the market will work with Dip Powder liquids.  There ingredients added to base powders that make it flow better and cure better with Dip Powder liquids that are not always found in Acrylics.  So just like an owl and an eagle are both birds, Dip Powder and Acrylic Powder are both powders and have a lot of similarities – but some important differences, too.


If you have questions, feel free to contact us at sales@revelnail.com and we’d be happy to answer them.  If you are a writer tasked with writing about Dip Powder, feel free to contact us, we have a lab with a team working on the chemistry of Dip Powder who would be happy to answer any questions for you.


So now you understand what kind of Dip Powder Nail Technicians use in the salon, and the differences between Acrylic Powder and Dip Powder, too.  So hopefully you can make the best decision for you when you are the salon getting your nails done or picking a product to use at home for you Manicure – like the Revel Nail Dip Powder Starter kit right here!