How to Wear Revel: HC2 Stare | Revel Nail Dip Powder

Our New Royal Highness Holo Chrome collection is absolutely beautiful and make us all want to turn Friday night into a Friday night out. You may be wondering how to really make your nails pop when you go out - try HC2 Stare - a gorgeous turquoise glitter. Bright nails may seem a little tricky to wear, but we're here to help!

HC2 Stare dip powder manicure photo

(HC2 Stare Manicure)

We suggest pairing a modern, black outfit with any of our Holo Chrome shades. These colors are sleek, and your outfit should be too. A great way to enhance Stare is to add something a little unexpected to this color: gold accessories.

HC2 Stare paired with gold bracelet, revel nail dip powder

(HC2 Stare paired with gold)

Keep your outfit simple so you can wear statement jewelry without anything clashing. A simple base also allows for the gold and turquoise to party. The two complement each other because the turquoise in Stare and the orange-y tones in the gold jewelry are opposite on the color wheel. The effect they have on each other is unexpected and appealing. You and your nails will be turning heads on your next night out.

Gather your statement gold accessories and get yourself a jar of HC2 Stare for your next night out. Send us your chrome nails and you might be featured in the next Color in Action!


Flats - ModCloth

Heels - Lulus

Necklace - Etsy seller DouryAccessories

Gold cuff - Red Dress Boutique

Earrings - Lulus

Dress - Boohoo