Lyra is our Color of the Week! | Revel Nail Dip Powder

There's nothing like a wide, blue, crisp fall sky while pumpkin picking. MC4 Lyra matches that sky perfectly, down to the darker blue skies when evening hits. This mood changing beauty is like having the sky on your fingertips!

Manicure photo of MC4 Lyra Mood changing dip powder

(MC4 Lyra)

Amaya is the beautiful gal getting this manicure today. Amaya works in our Revel marketing department and is the one you all love to listen to on our live videos. She is also the mastermind behind many of our shade names.

This manicure was a full Lyra mani with the French white D74 Veronica as the accent nail. The manicure has a light and breezy feel to it while also pulling blues in for a nice fall look.

Photo of Lyra and Veronica manicure/revel nail dip powder

(MC4 Lyra and D74 Veronica)

Amaya loves this mood changing blue. “I like that this is a blue I can wear with my skin tone,” she said. She also enjoys that this blue is light but also not too bright or too loud. This makes it perfect for “everyday office vibes”- it even goes perfectly with the pastel yellow shorts she was wearing in the office that day! To spice up the manicure a little, she says she would pair it with an iridescent silver like D369 Glisten or a darker blue like D31 Ingrid.

MC4 Lyra is great for a light and breezy fall look and it’s on sale starting at $5 until 9/29. Go grab it and be sure to send us your Lyra manicures!