Holo Chrome Collection is here! | Revel Nail Dip Powder

Our Holo Chrome collection is finally here and we are so excited!! But before (or after, you did you) you run to our website and grab yourself some Holo Chrome shades, read on to learn how to apply them. This collection is two-in-one, and you can apply as a regular dip or as a chrome. The chrome application is a little different than our usual application, and it's important to familiarize yourself with the steps. If you are a visual learner, check our the tutorial on our Youtube!

1. Remove shine from your nails.

2. Apply a thin layer of Pro Base, using even strokes from base to tip.

Photo of nail tech Applying Probase/revel nail dip powder

(Revel Nail Probase is available on the Revel Nail website)

3. Dip your finger into the Holo Chrome dip powder using a scooping motion. Tap off excess dip powder.

Photo of nail tech dipping into holo chrome powder/revel nail dip powder

(Holo Chrome powders are now available on our website!)

4. Repeat steps 2-3 twice for each nail.

5. After dipping each nail, apply a generous amount of Activator. Make sure you cover the edges and cap the tip of the nail. Let dry for 2 minutes.

Photo of Revel Nail Activator bottle/revel nail dip powder

6.Shape and buff your nails with a file or drill to remove excess powder.

Photo of nail tech Filing nails/revel nail dip powder

(Revel Nail Toolkit available on our website)

NOTE: You can stop here and apply Finish Gel for a subtle holographic glitter. These powders work as a two-in-one! If you want normal Holo Chrome nails, continue to step 7 – these steps require our Tack Free Gel Top Coat and a UV/LED light.

7. Apply Tack Free Gel Top Coat, making sure to cover your entire nail.

Photo of Revel Nail Tack Free Gel UV Light application

(Revel Nail Tack Free Gel Top Coat available on our website)

8. Place your nails under a UV/LED light for 15 seconds.

Cure your manicure for 60 seconds after applying tack free gel

9. Dip your nails into the Holo Chrome dip powder.

Photo of nail dipping into holo chrome dip powder

(Holo Chrome dip powder is now available on our website!)

10. Use the applicator to rub the powder into the nail.

Next rub the powder into the nail with the buff applicator, Holo Chrome dip powder

11. Place your nails back under light for 15 seconds to finish curing.

12. Apply a second coat of the tack free gel.

Next, apply second layer of tack free gel

13. Place your nails under the UV/LED light for 30 seconds.

Place hand under light and cure for 30 seconds

14. Enjoy your beautiful nails!

Raspberry Parade Manicure

(HC8 Raspberry Parade)

Our Holo Chrome shades start at $8.49 for a 0.5 oz jar. Follow the steps carefully and show us your beautiful Holo Chrome nails! Remember, these powders are a two-in-one – dip normally for a beautiful and subtle holographic glitter.