How to Wear Revel - D25 Grace

If you're still looking to hold onto some spring and summer as you transition into fall, D25 Grace is the color for you.

Manicure hand on light jeans. Light blue dip powder

Its beautiful pastel blue makes for a wonderful transition into incorporation pastels into your outfit. Grace reminds us of light wash jeans and matches perfectly. The lack of contrast between the two allows for other colors like yellow and pinks to be brought in through sweaters and scarves. The resulting look is light and cheerful while also incorporating warm colors. You'll be sure to stand out at your next trip to the apple orchard.

If your looking for an accent nail color to go with D25 Grace, a fall yellow, like Cornstalk, is a good match. Cornstalk matches the changing leaves, but is light and cheery enough to pair well with your pastels.

Be sure to send us your beautiful pastel nails!


Sweater - H&M

Scarf - Nordstrom

Jeans - Tillys

Shoes - Lulus

Earrings - Phoenix Mountain Creations