What Kind of Lamp Do I Need for UV Gel?

When it comes to UV gel manicures, having the right lamp is crucial. But with so many options on the market, choosing the right one can be difficult. In this article, we'll go over everything you need to know to find the perfect UV lamp for your gel nails.

First things first: What is UV gel?

UV gel is a type of nail polish that is cured using UV light. This type of polish is known for being longer-lasting and more resistant to chipping and peeling than traditional nail polish. However, in order for the polish to cure properly, you need to make sure that your lamp has the correct wattage.

What Kind of Lamp Do I Need?

To properly cure our gel products at Revel Nail, we recommend a 36 watt UV/LED lamp. Our Spectra Lamp is a 36 watt UV/LED lamp that is low heat, lightweight and offers four different time settings. It also has a smartphone holder so you can watch our YouTube videos, or catch up on your guilty pleasure show while you do your nails!

Pricing: $34.99 USD

In conclusion, there are several few different types of UV lamps that can be used for curing gel nail polish. When shopping for a lamp, consider factors like size, wattage, brand compatibility, and customer reviews to find the best option for you.