Discover the Hottest New UV Gel Polish Colors for the Season

In recent years, gel polish has emerged as a popular choice for achieving long-lasting and durable manicures. If you've ever wondered what gel polish is and how it differs from regular nail polish, you're in the right place. Gel polish, also known as soak-off gel or gel nail polish, is a type of nail lacquer that is cured under a UV or LED lamp. Unlike regular nail polish, gel polish forms a harder and more durable coating on your nails. It's formulated to provide a longer-lasting manicure, resisting chipping, smudging, and dullness for up to two or three weeks.

Benefits of Gel Polish: Why Choose It?
Longevity: Gel polish is well-known for its exceptional durability, lasting up to three weeks without chipping or fading.
Appearance: Gel polish provides a glossy and salon-quality finish, allowing your nails to look flawless and vibrant.
Quick drying time: Unlike regular nail polish, gel polish cures rapidly under a UV or LED lamp, reducing the risk of smudging or smearing.
Strengthening properties: Some gel polish formulas contain ingredients that help strengthen and protect your natural nails while wearing it.
Low maintenance: Once applied, gel polish requires minimal maintenance, making it ideal for busy individuals.


Shop some of our favorite gel polishes for spring, here.

G884 Snuggle UV Gel Polish - Snuggle is the perfect blend of light pink and light purple and is a beautiful sheer gel color for the spring.

G885 Timeless UV Gel Polish - Truly timeless, this shades is a delicate light pink creme.

G887 Hourglass UV Gel Polish - Hourglass is a light coral color with a hint of pink. 

G904 Wisp UV Gel Polish - Wisp is a pastel lavender shade that was made for the season.

G905 Baroness UV Gel Polish - Slightly darker and pinker than Wisp, Baroness is a medium lilac purple.

G910 Downpour UV Gel Polish - Downpour has a muted blue base with silvery-blue shimmers throughout.

G912 Waterfall UV Gel Polish - Waterfall is a medium blue creme that is perfect fo spring, but can also transition with you into the summer months.

G928 Katherine UV Gel Polish - Katherine is a soft butter-yellow shade.

In conclusion, gel polish provides a convenient and long-lasting solution for those who desire beautiful and durable manicures. Whether you're a busy professional or simply want to enjoy flawlessly painted nails for an extended period, gel polish is the way to go.