Water Color Nail Tutorial

Water Color Technique
Written By: Dana Leotta
When Spring comes to mind, you probably think pastels, tonal dip powder manicure looks, and flower designs. We have just the dip powder manicure for your transition from Spring to Summer! Water Color Nails are next on your mani to-do list! If you love ombré, or tie dye then this design will be your new favorite technique! It’s simple, stunning, and surprisingly easy. Good news, you don’t need any extra tools to create this technique. All you need isyour liquids and some different shades. Grab your pastels, neons, or whatever colors you want to create this look with!
When creating this technique, imagine your liquid’s brush as a paint brush and paint away! To create this look, you’ll stick your Pro Base brush into your dip powders and paint your nail. This technique allows you to have control on how you would like it to look by the way you stroke your brush. One of the best things about this design is the variety of colors you can use and it will still come out beautiful.
To learn more on how you can achieve this dip powder manicure, head over to our IGTV  to see this technique in action! After you’ve learned and achievedthis look, don’t forget to tag us on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok and #yesrevelnail if you would like to be featured!