Get the Look: Carousel Color Combos

Get the Look: Carousel Color Combos

Written by: Katelyn Redwanoski

Guess who is back and back to stay?! That’s right . . . you guessed it. Carousel! Carousel was a fan favorite from the carnival inspired Mystery Box that was sold during our 2020 Anniversary Sale. She was so loved by our customers that we decided to reintroduce her to our classic line FOREVER! This is exciting news as Carousel will be our first EVER Mystery Box shade to come back from the dead and be available on our website outside of the Mystery Box.

Still not sure about Carousel? She is a silver glitter dip with multi-colored glitters throughout. If a full glitter dip powder manicure isn’t really your thing, we love to pair her with a wide variety of shades to bring out her multi-colored flakes. Keep scrolling to see some of our favorite Carousel combos here at Revel HQ!


I bet you could’ve guessed this first combo yourself. We love wearing Carousel with D20 Erica for a soft, feminine look. How can you beat an Erica & Carousel vertical ombré? The answer is you can’t! [D20 Erica, Carousel]


If you’re trying to branch away from Erica, but you’re still looking for something pink then allow us to suggest D171 Aurora and Carousel. We LOVE this combo for Summer! Aurora brings out Carousel’s pink glitters while contrasting its blue hues, allowing them to really stand out.

@manis_by_jenn [D171 Aurora, Carousel] 


I bet you’ve been waiting for this one . . . here is our favorite way to do a glitter ombré with Carousel. We suggest using D73 Tricia as a base and Carousel at the tip for a fun, confetti look we adore!

@manis_by_mrsfreckless [D73 Tricia, Carousel]

Pinks not your thing? How about pairing Carousel’s multi-glitters with a bright yellow like D365 Belle? We love the way Carousel looks as an accent nail in this dip powder manicure. 

@stayinghomechic [D365 Belle, Carousel] 

In the mood for a color change? We would suggest pairing SC11 Dubai with the blue glitters in Carousel. Whether Dubai is light blue as pictured or turns violet when out in the sun, these two shades compliment each other so well it’s like they were made for each other!

@cinsnailplace [SC11 Dubai, Carousel] 

Last but not least, we have an ideal combo for our babes that love a more moody dip powder manicure. Look at how well D7 Barbara compliments Carousel’s multi-colored glitters! We are OBSESSED!


@corie.nails [D7 Barbara, Carousel]