Snow Day - Tier Event Sale!

Plot twist! Revel Nail is reporting your weather’s forecast this week! Take cover! The forecast is looking like a snowstorm of savings. Now this is what we call a grown-up snow day…..

What’s coming?

It’s SNOW secret! We’re having a Tier Event for our Powder Perfectionists, Devoted Dippers and Nail Novices/Guests. Plus, we’re launching 40 Get the Look Bundles!

We’ve selected some of our favorite winter shades for you! Let’s be real, who doesn’t love a winter dip powder manicure? The holidays are over and you’re probably thinking what’s my next mani? It’s time to put away the reds, greens, tinsel glitters and dip into our WINTER FAVORITES! 

Tier Event:

Powder Perfectionists: 20% off Winter Favorites with code: SNOWPP

Devoted Dippers: 15% off Winter Favorites with code: SNOWDD

Nail Novices/Guests: 10% off Winter Favorites with code: SNOWNN 

Winter Favorites are on sale from 1/19 10 AM ET until 1/24 9:59 AM ET. Don’t let these savings melt away!



What’s new?

We’ve collected 40 of our favorite looks for you! What’s included? The bundle includes the 0.5oz jars of the colors in the dip powder manicure! Another mani block? We’ve got your back! Our Get the Looks are perfect for someone who needs inspo with pairing different shades together, looking to expand their dip powder collection or simply want to step out of their comfort zone!