Professional Dip Powder Nail Kit

Professional Dip Powder Nail Kit


You’ve heard of Dip Powder, and you’ve seen it in your salon, and you’ve seen lots of manis of people using it on Instagram and Pinterest, so now you want to get some for yourself.  But- you don’t want one of those super cheap kits that are on Amazon.  You are smart enough to know that what you put on your body is important, and for cosmetics to be that cheap there is probably something going on. You want a professional quality Dip Powder brand kit that you can try at home but has all the same quality and ingredients you would find in the salon used by your nail technician.  The great news is Revel Nail can help.


Revel Nail’s Dip Powders are used in Salons throughout the country and can be purchased in over 30 Professional-Only Nail Supply Stores in the United States.  These are supply stores that require proof of licensing in order to purchase and typically have lower prices or different sizes than you would find in a traditional retail stores meant for consumers.  These stores have large quantity/bulk products that salons purchase to use for customers.  Revel Nail sells its colors in 2oz sizes to these stores, as opposed to the 0.5oz size that is the most popular on our website for home users.


It's in these Nail Supply Stores, Distributors, that you will find professional quality products for salon use sold.  Revel Nail is available at many of these across the country and is one of the best quality brands you will find in these stores.  There are low-cost products – that are low quality – available to purchase in these as well, just like there are different levels of quality for any available product.  However, Revel Nail is one of the quality, professional grade product lines that promises great products and matching colors every time, with a full money back guarantee to back up those promises.


It's the same powder, same color, same quality, same ingredients – just a different size. The only thing that is different formula-wise is our Revel Nail Dip Powder Liquids – we offer a Pro formula to distributors, and our at-home users we default to the EZ Care formula.  The Pro formula dries faster and is less forgiving if you mix the liquids.  The EZ Care one will allow some cross-contamination before it hardens, because it is a little less strong, which also delays the drying time.  Once it dries, it’s just as hard, it just doesn’t dry as quickly.  Salon Nail Technicians go through their liquids so quickly – and are very thorough about cleaning brushes before putting them back in the bottles, it’s just part of being a pro and why they are so awesome – that they prefer the Pro Formula.  Getting manicures done quickly allows them to get more manicures done in a day and make more money.


In addition to being one of the most popular Dip Powder brands, Revel Nail is one of the largest manufacturers of Dip Powder for other brands.  We produce the powder in our warehouse and for some brands we package the powder, others we ship them 50 or 100 lb. drums of powder and they manufacture it.  We have manufactured powder for some of the best Nail brands in the world, they know our deep manufacturing roots and knowledge and trust us to make safe, quality products for them. 


If you are looking for a professional quality Nail Dip Powder kit you can get one from Revel Nail, one of the most trusted professional quality Dip Powder manufacturers in the world: