Meet our NEW Polar Lights Collection: Indulge in a Radiant Spectacle of Nature's Artistry

High latitudes inspire bold attitudes. In the dancing lights of chilly nights you’ll find the inspiration behind these six new hues of matching dip powder, gel polish and nail polish.
Powder Perfectionists: 10/18 at 10 AM, ET
Everyone: 10/19 at 10 AM, ET
Whether you prefer the longevity of dip powder, the ease and durability of gel polish, or the traditional charm of nail polish, we've got you covered all winter long.
Meet the Polar Lights Shades:
D872 Aurora Polaris
Behold the mesmerizing beauty of Aurora Polaris! This royal blue shade is adorned with iridescent flakes to give it that magical touch. But wait, there's more - when the temperature drops, Aurora Polaris transforms into a captivating deep blurple hue.
D873 Solar Wind
Solar Wind is an absolute showstopper! When dipped, it sparkles with a stunning blue teal glitter and when chromed, it transforms into a breathtaking mirrored teal that reflects light like a dream.
D874 Supernova
Meet Supernova! This luscious berry shade is infused with mesmerizing red and purple flakes and when the temperature drops, it deepens into a mysterious dark purple.
D875 Northern Lights
Embrace magic on your fingertips with Northern Lights! This shade has a peachy horizon pink base with dazzling iridescent flakes. Then, when the lights go out, it reveals a radiant blue glow similar to the dancing colors of the real Northern Lights.
D876 Merry Dancers
Introducing Merry Dancers! This stunning shade is a contrasty mix of teal, purple, blue, and berry shimmers and glitters that are sure to leave you in awe.
D877 Whirled View
Meet Whirled View, a dark grape purple shimmer that will take your breath away with its rich and luxurious hue. Prepare to be amazed as the dip formula effortlessly transforms into a stunning mirrored finish when chromed!