Jewel Tone Wedding Nails

Fall is here and the changing of seasons brings all of our favorite things, chic fashion, delicious recipes, and the growing popularity of fabulous Fall weddings.

Fall weddings have become even more dazzling with the trending introduction and quickly growing adoration of jewel tone themes. Derived from the hues of precious gemstones, jewel tones are an array of highly saturated shades drenched in luxury. Whether you’re a bride, in the wedding party, or a guest, you’ll want to look your best while fitting the theme. 


We found 6 of the most beautiful jewel toned nail dip powder shades and their matching complementary colors because we know that there is truly no better way to subtly complete your look than a fresh dip powder manicure or pedicure; and with jewel toned shades your nails will stand out AND fit right in. 



D739 Soul

Should D739, hand with Soul D739 emerald green shade. Jewel Tone nail dip powder kit shades collection.


D739 Soul + D656 Swoop 0.5 OZ

D739 Soul is an elegant earthy teal-green that shimmers like fresh morning dew and pairs gorgeously with D656 Swoop, a classic dark midnight green. Try this shade alone or paired together with its flattering mate. This color combo feels refreshing and charming to its wearer. 

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2. D740 Energy 

Energy D740, Jewel Tone nail dip powder kit collection of shades. Hand with Purple D740 Energy.


D740 Energy + D311 Proud 0.5 OZ

D740 Energy is a dark and velvety amethyst purple. Pair this shade with D311 Proud, a bold purple, and feel like you're at a royal wedding. 

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3. D741 Mantra

Mantra D741, Fuchsia shade Mantra D741. Jewel tones for nail dip powder kit shades


D741 Mantra + D547 Elderberry 0.5 OZ

D741 Mantra is an electric shimmering shade of dramatic fuchsia. Pair with D547 Elderberry, a rich, deep, and warm purple. This combination feels so memorable and heightens any look. 

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4. D742 Echo

D742 Echo Indigo Nail Dip Powder shade Jewel Tone Nail Dip Powder Kit

D742 Echo + D367 Duel 0.5 OZ

D742 Echo is a dark shade of indigo that is comparable to a shimmering midnight sky. Pair with D367 Duel, a dark navy, for a mystically and moody collaboration. This combination is perfect for an elegant evening look. 

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5. D743 Radiate 

Radiate D743, Citrine nail dip powder shade on hand. Jewel Tone nail dip powder kit collection of shades.


D743 Radiate + D576 Sahara 0.5 OZ

D743 Radiate is a brilliant golden shade that glistens like shimmering citrine. Being one of the most appealing jewel tones, this shade pairs well with D576 Sahara, a warm camel shade. Feel like it's golden hour forever when you combine these two shades. 

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6. D744 Empower


D744 Empower + D327 Sash 0.5 OZ

D744 Empower is a warm burnt shimmering shade of burgundy. Pair with D327 Sash, a warm brown-red with orange undertones, to create an impressionable and bold look.

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The Verdict: Romantic and Elegant!

Jewel Tone Nail Dip Powder Set of swatches in hand.


Jewel tone shades are rich, alluring, and elegant so it's no wonder they're the perfect wedding accessory. Grab these shades from Revel Nail before your next big event!