Holiday Drop-Ins | City Lights

Holiday Drop-Ins have arrived. . .

It's almost that time of the year again! Who says it's too early to plan your holiday manis? We're bringing back Deck the Halls and Home For The Holidays! Get ready to take a stroll with us and meet our City Lights Collection. D760 Music Hall, D761 Cocktail Hour, D762 Downtown Dancing, D76 Central Park, D764 5th Avenue, and D765 Window Shopper will allow you to feel classy, and confident during the holidays! 

City Light, Deck the Halls, and Home for the Holidays will be available individually and in bundles. Holiday Drop-Ins will launch on 10/19, 10 a.m. ET. Shop Holiday Drop-Ins up to 50% off and receive a FREE 0.5 oz jar of Vivien with purchases over $40 from 10/19, 10 a.m. ET until 10/26, 9:59 a.m. ET!

Meet City Lights. . .
D760 Music Hall is a rich deep red with chunky flakes. You can't go wrong with a red flake this holiday season! We're dreaming about the days when we can flaunt this mani for Christmas, 4th of July or Valentine's Day!
D761 Cocktail Hour is a dark golden fine flake. Cocktail Hour is literally just that. It's the perfect flake to wear when you're having a night out with the girls in the city! You will have jaws dropping with this golden mani.
D762 Downtown Dancing is a mix of black, gold, and soft white flakes. If you're someone who plans their manis way ahead of time, we found you your New Year's mani! These flakes will make sparks fly!
D763 Central Park is an evergreen green fine flake. When in need of a green, dip into Central Park! This flake is great for holiday manis! Next time you're walking through Central Park, we promise you won't help but think of this sparkly shade!
D764 5th Avenue is a fine silver flake mixed with specks of warm gold, silver, and white flakes. 5th Avenue is one of the show stoppers in the collection. Let's be honest, you can't go wrong with a silver accent nail in any mani!
D765 Window Shopper is a navy-blue flake mixed with specks of lighter blue flakes. We have a feeling you're missing a blue flake in your dip powder collection! Window Shopper is the perfect shade to wear when you're in need of a shade to step out of your comfort zone with. 
Deck the Halls
D646 Holly, D647 Naughty List, D648 Candy Cane, D649 Carol, D650 Fruitcake, and D651 Countdown are back! If you're someone who loves chunky glitters, these shades are for you! They make a great addition to your holiday manicures all year round.
Home For The Holidays
If you've been with us for a while then these shades might look familiar! D533 Garland, D534 Poinsettia, D535 Sleigh Ride, D536 Mistletoe, D537 Frostbite, D538 Tinsel, D539 Silver Bells, and D540 Windchill are returning just in time for the holidays to arrive! These eight shades will have you ready in time for festive manis to begin!