Interview: Revel Nail X Rachel Reilly Villegas

About Rachel Reilly Villegas
Rachel is best known for her time on reality TV. She is a 3 time Amazing Racer, a winner of Celebrity Fear Factor and a winner of Big Brother! She has appeared in movies, television shows, as a host and across the internet. Rachel is a working mom of two who has her own show coming out this winter. 
At Revel Nail we believe in the importance of setting time aside each week for self-care whether it be dipping your nails, taking a bubble bath or doing a face mask. What does self-care mean to you? 
"If we don’t take care of ourselves and take time to feel relaxed and present then we can’t take care of other things. Even if I’m pressed for time I try to schedule time for self care so I can be the best version of me! I want to present myself the best way possible and pamper myself. I enjoy bubble baths and meditations, mani-pedi nail dips, face masks - and let’s be real, this is usually all at the same time haha!"
As a working mother of two and a puppy, how do you find the time to fit self-care into your busy schedule?
"As a working mom it's so important for me to take time for myself. I am always taking care of someone or have something to check off on my to do list, so sometimes taking care of myself has to be scheduled. I try to do something special for myself on Sundays if that’s treating myself to a visit to a salon or taking a few hours to do an at home spa day! It’s fun having a daughter who wants to be involved with the at home spa days! I’ll be honest I don’t have a lot of time but I always want to look like I had all the time so I’m excited about the Revel Nail at home dips!"
In your opinion, what is the best thing about DIY beauty?
"I enjoy the fact that I can do at home DIY beauty whenever I have free time. I also find it very relaxing and a stress reliever when I’m always in a rush. It's nice to have time to focus on something and the satisfaction of the finished product. I get to be creative and enjoy results! Also I like that I save time and money and don’t have to leave the house."
What was your first Revel Nail Starter Kit and why did you choose this kit?
"The On Cloud Wine Starter Kit was my first kit! I was drawn to the rich colors and the fact they stand out, but also look classy."
Would you rather rock long nails or short nails?
"I love how long nails look. I always admire them, but I rock the short natural ones - we're a really active family and as a mom with a baby and a 5 year old I find the short nails are better for my lifestyle. I also am on my phone and computer a lot!"
What is your go-to nail shape?
"My go-to shape is round but most of the time I have flat with rounded edges haha 😆"
What is your favorite nail trend for the fall season?
"I’m excited to try burgundy nails and the matte look! I love fall everything haha!"