A Gatsby Affair Limited Edition Collection

We’re taking you back to the “jazz age” with these NEW shades! Grab your flapper friends, and our newest collection, A Gatsby Affair. Add some glam to your nails by dipping into our six new dip powders and matching nail lacquers. Release all your inhibitions by dipping into shimmers, glitters, and flakes all night long! 


Get a more exclusive look at the collection: here.

When can I shop?

Powder Perfectionists: 10/19 (10 AM, ET)

Everyone: 10/20 (10 AM, ET)

Shop more, earn more!

Earn 2x points on A Gatsby Affair Collection Sets and Individual Jars!

Powder Perfectionist: You can earn points from 10/19 (10 AM, ET) until 10/23 (9:59 AM, ET)

Everyone: You can earn points from 10/20 (10 AM, ET) until 10/23 (9:59 AM, ET)


0.5 oz Individual Jars $10

2 oz Individual Jars $24.99

0.5 oz Set $54.99

2 oz Set $149.99