Fall in Love with Wonderfall

As the leaves start to change and the air turns crisp, why not let the beauty of autumn extend to your fingertips? Introducing this year's enchanting Fall Drop-Ins, Wonderfall. With a captivating range of rich, earthy hues, this palette perfectly captures the breathtaking transformation of foliage from vibrant greens to warm golden tones. Get ready to showcase the essence of the season with this must-have collection of dip powder and gel polish shades!

Wonderfall is designed to bring the magic of autumn to life on your nails. Each shade reflects the mesmerizing colors that grace the foliage during this time of year. From deep earthy greens and browns to fiery oranges and rustic reds, this collection offers a variety of hues that will complement your fall wardrobe and perfectly match the cozy vibes of the season.

To celebrate the launch of Wonderfall, we're offering an exclusive deal - get 20% off coordinating shades! For a limited time, simply use the code FALL20 at checkout and treat yourself to irresistible complementing colors.

Mark your calendars! Wonderfall Fall Drop-Ins will be available starting August 23rd at 10 AM, ET.