Discover the Magic of 3D Cat Eye Gel Polishes

When it comes to nail trends, one captivating option that has taken the beauty world by storm is 3D Cat Eye Gel Polish.

Say hello to the purr-fect Cat Eye Magnetic Gel Polish that will give your nails the 3D effect they deserve! Introducing six magnetic shades AND their matching cremes to achieve a full-coverage three-dimensional manicure that morphs and shifts like magic.


These 3D Cat Eye Gels will be available on and on September 8th at 10:00 AM, ET


Magnetic Gel Polish - $11.49 USD | $14.49 CAD
Matching Creme Gel Polish - $7.99 USD | $9.89 CAD
Magnetic Gel Polish Duos - $16.99 USD | $21.49 CAD
Magnet - $3.50 USD | $4.50 CAD
Six Magnetic Gels + Magnet - $59.99 USD | $74.99 CAD
Six Magnetic Gels, Six Matching Cremes + Magnet - $89.99 USD | $112.49 CAD


From bold and fierce to delicate and dreamy, there's a magnetic shade for every occasion. These mesmerizing nail colors, combined with the power of magnets, create a stunning cat-eye effect that adds depth and dimension to your manicure.

Let's take a closer look at the six delightful duos:

Denim Dreams:

G980 Denim Dreams: A dreamy denim blue color with a metallic shine that captures the essence of your favorite jeans. It adds a touch of cool and contemporary style to your nails, perfect for expressing your individuality.

G959 Feather: A serene gray-blue cream shade that complements Denim Dreams effortlessly. It adds a soft and calming touch to the overall look, balancing the metallic shade with its soothing presence.

Silver Dollar:

G981 Silver Dollar: A dazzling silver shade that sparkles like precious silver coins. This metallic hue elevates your nails to a whole new level of glamor.

G878 Crest: A classic and timeless white creme shade that complements the silver metallic perfectly. This pairing creates a stunning contrast that's ideal for a modern and sophisticated look.

Taupelessly Devoted:

G982 Taupeslessly Devoted: Embrace the charm of Taupeslessly Devoted, a sophisticated beige pink champagne color with a metallic sheen. This shade is a perfect blend of subtlety and glamour, offering a refined and polished look.

G983 Hint: Radiate pure elegance with Hint, a light pink champagne creme that complements Taupeslessly Devoted beautifully. This shade represents loyalty and dedication, adding a touch of grace to your nails.

Coming Up Roses:

G984 Coming up Roses: A delightful light pink raspberry shade with a metallic gleam that catches the eye. It's as charming as a bouquet of freshly bloomed roses, adding a touch of sweetness to your nails.

G985 Knockout: A bright raspberry cream shade that demands attention and makes a bold statement. As vibrant as your personality, this color adds a pop of excitement to your overall look.

Brownie Points:

G986 Brownie Points: A lustrous and luxurious creme gold color that exudes sophistication and elegance. This shade is the epitome of opulence, reminiscent of golden-brown treats that you can't resist.

G987 Cashmere: A warm and comforting cashmere hue that wraps your nails in cozy luxury. This creamy color complements the metallic shade perfectly, creating a harmonious duo that's perfect for both casual and formal occasions.

Purple Prose:

G988 Purple Pose: Dive into the world of mystery and allure with Purple Pose, a captivating purple metallic shade. This alluring color is rich and vibrant, reminiscent of royal power and sophistication. Purple Pose empowers you to embrace your individuality and make a bold statement.

G989 Impulsive: Let your impulses guide you with the deep purple color of Impulsive. This shade perfectly complements Purple Pose, adding depth and intensity to the duo. With its rich and luxurious appearance, Impulsive embodies passion and creativity, making you feel unstoppable.


How to Apply Revel Nail's Cateye Metallic Gel Polish Duo’s:

Materials Needed:

  • Revel Nail Gel Base Coat
  • Revel Nail Cateye Metallic Gel Duo (includes creme gel color and magnetic gel polish)
  • UV or LED nail lamp (36-48 watt recommended)
  • Fine drill bit or 150 grit file
  • 180 grit file
  • Lint-free wipes or cotton pads Rubbing alcohol
  • Revel Nail Tack Free Gel
  • Revel Nail Cuticle Oil
Step 1: Sanitize and Prep Your Nails

Start by sanitizing your hands using soap and water. Then, gently push back your cuticles using a cuticle pusher. Use a fine drill bit or a 150 grit file to gently buff the surface of your natural nails. This helps to remove any shine and create a better surface for the gel polish to adhere to.

Step 2: Shape Your Nails

Shape your nails to your desired shape using a 180 grit file. You can choose from square, round, oval, or any other shape you prefer. Be sure to file in one direction to prevent damage to the nails.

Step 3: Cleanse Your Nails

Take a lint-free wipe or cotton pad and cleanse each nail thoroughly with rubbing alcohol to remove any oils or residues from the nail surface.

Step 4: Apply Gel Base

Apply a thin coat of Revel Nail Gel Base from the cuticle to the free edge of your nails, ensuring complete coverage. Remember to cap the tips of your nails to seal the gel and enhance the durability of the manicure. Cure the base coat under a UV or LED nail lamp for 1 minute.

Step 5: Apply Gel Color

Now, it's time to apply the gel color from the Revel Nail Cateye Metallic Gel Duo. Take the gel color in your chosen duo and apply a thin coat from the cuticle to the free edge of each nail. Again, cap the tips of your nails for complete coverage. Cure the gel color under the UV or LED nail lamp for 1 minute.

Step 6: Apply Magnetic Gel Polish

Now, it's time to add the magnetic effect to your nails. Apply a coat of the magnetic gel polish to the entire nail surface, making sure not to cure it yet.

Step 7: Create the Cat Eye Effect

Take the cat eye magnet and hold it just above the wet magnetic gel polish on one nail. Slowly approach your nail from both sides, the tip, and the cuticle. You should see the magnetic glitters gravitate toward the center, creating the captivating cat eye effect. Adjust the position of the magnet as desired to achieve your preferred design.

Step 8: Flash Cure

Once you are happy with the cat eye effect on one nail, flash cure it under the UV or LED nail lamp for 15 seconds. Then, move on to the next nail and repeat the same process for all nails.

Step 9: Final Cure

After creating the cat eye effect on all nails, cure all the nails under the UV or LED nail lamp for 1 minute to fully cure the gel polish.

Step 10: Apply Top Coat

Apply a thin layer of Revel Nail Tack Free Gel from the cuticle to the free edge of your nails, capping the tips as usual. This top coat will protect the cat eye effect and add shine to your manicure. Cure the top coat under the UV or LED nail lamp for 1 minute.

Step 11: Nourish Your Nails

Finish off your manicure by applying Revel Nail Cuticle Oil to the skin surrounding your nails. This will nourish your cuticles and leave your nails looking complete and beautiful.

If you're looking to take your nail game to the next level, 3D Cat Eye Gel Polishes are the answer. With their mesmerizing cat-eye effect and long-lasting formula, these gel polishes are perfect for creating stunning manicures that demand attention. Whether you want a chic and sophisticated look for a special occasion or a trendy and bold statement for everyday style, 3D Cat Eye Gel Polishes are the perfect choice. Try them out and unlock the magic of captivating nails that are guaranteed to turn heads!