Dip Powder Kits That Are Good For Your Nails

Dip Powder Kits That Are Good For Your Nails


Everyone has been there, you get a manicure done and your nails look great for a while, but eventually the manicure comes off (maybe you even peeled it off yourself :| ) and your nails are a wreck underneath.  They might be soft and weak, and feel much thinner than before, or maybe they are sensitive to pressure and actually hurt if you press on them too hard, or maybe it was an acrylic manicure and now that its gone their isn’t even much of your nails left.  That is one of the reasons we’ve made Dip Powder our core focus at Revel Nail, because a well done (and properly removed) Dip Powder manicure won’t just prevent your nails from being wrecked afterwards, it will actually leave you with nails that feel healthier and stronger than they did before you got the manicure.  And the best part is you can get our products at high quality salons near you or you can order a kit here and do it yourself at home.


If you’ve never done Dip Powder at home before, you are best starting with a kit because it will have everything you need to do it at home – there are 3 liquids that you’ll need, a Base, an Activator, and a Finish Gel – in order to apply the Dip Powder at home.  If you can do a Nail Polish manicure at home then you have the skills to do a Dip Powder manicure, but there is a bit of a learning curve on how to do it.  Your first manicure might not be great, but if it’s not, don’t give up, you’ll get better.  Lots of women are doing it at home – just read the directions, or watch a YouTube video here if you prefer, and make sure you know the steps before you get started.  It’s not hard, but if you don’t do it right then it won’t come out the way you want, so investing a little time in the beginning to learn how to do it right will pay big dividends for you.


Now that you’ve got a kit and read your directions you are ready to give yourself a Dip Powder Manicure at home.  But what about your nails – what is it going to do to them?  The Base that Revel nail uses for its Step 1 is an adhesive that was developed in the medical industry for things like bone cements, hip replacements, etc.  It is designed to be in contact with the human body for an extended period of time.  There will be no absorbing of the ingredients into your skin or nail – it’s designed to not allow that.  It will safely bond with your nail and then stay there until you use acetone on it – it will dissolve away then, leaving you with nothing on your nail.  Your nail will have been protected by the strong layer of Dip Powder over it, so it will be thicik and healthy. 


A word of warning here – when you remove any Manicure, doesn’t matter what it is – Gel Polish, Nail Polish, Dip Powder, Acrylics, etc. – if you use a drill you have to be careful.  You can very easily drill through the manicure and into the top of the nail.  This is a common cause for soreness in nails – the top layer of your nails helps protect what is beneath it and when you remove it the layer below it is much more sensitive to temperature and pressure.  Nail drills are so powerful its very easy to apply too much force and instead of just taking out the shine on the top layer of the nail you can remove too much of the top layer and end up with thinner, sensitive nails. 


Soft nails are associated with Gel Polish manicures.  The majority of them are caused by uncured and improperly cured Gel Polish.  What happens is the Gel Polish has a photoinitiator in it – this is the chemical that reacts to the UV lights waves in the lamp and causes the Gel Polish to harden.  If the Gel Polish is applied too thickly, or not kept under the light long enough, not enough UV Light waves get to the bottom layer of the Gel Polish, and the photoiniator doesn’t react with the light and doesn’t harden.  That means the Gel Polish is still liquid there, and it can be absorbed by the nail bed because it’s a liquid.  If its all hardened, it can’t be absorbed because solids don’t absorb into skin or nails the way liquids do.  One nice thing about a Dip Powder manicure is because the manicure ingredients is a Powder, not a liquid, it doesn’t get absorbed into the nail bed at all (and remember, the only liquid that touches your nail bed during a Dip Powder manicure is the adhesive that is designed to be used with the human body).


Fun Chemistry Fact – Revel Nail has multiple Engineers who work for us to help us make safe, high-performing products.  That’s why we know Fun Chemistry Facts like this – in a Gel Polish Manicure, the UV Lamp is curing the Gel Polish.  In a Dip Powder manicure, the Activator (Step 2 liquid) is what cures the powder into a solid manicure.  It will cure with just air, as well, it just takes a long time so the Activator causes the curing to happen rapidly.  Air is also what cures Nail Polish, and that happens more rapidly than Dip Powder cures in air.  So now you know!


Hopefully this helps you understand how to get yourself a Dip Powder nail manicure kit that you can use at home to give you strong, healthy nails!