How to wear Revel - Jane & Marilyn

Who said pinks were outlawed for fall and winter? Some of us love lighter colors year-round!

Jane and Marilyn, whether together or separate, are the perfect fall colors to pair with pink clothing. They are especially beautiful when paired with knit light pinks, whether a dress or a sweater. Marilyn’s red glitter adds a darker, more fall like tone to the outfit while pairing very nicely with Jane. The colors are great all in one manicure, but if full color is more your style, either look great with an outfit like this one!

Manicure of Jane and Marilyn

Adding black suede to the mix lets the pinks on your nails and in your outfit shine, while still keeping this outfit a fall or winter ensemble. And keep it crisp with silver accessories or accents that play off of the silver glitter in Marilyn.

Your love for light colors doesn’t have to die off during the fall and winter.


Hat - Gigi Pip

Ring - Etsy seller LoveRingsDesign

Sweater - Zaful

Leggings - Lululemon

Necklace - Nordstrom

Bracelet - Etsy seller OritSosnerJewelryArt

Earrings - Etsy seller claynwire

Bracelet - Alex & Ani

Purse - Kate Spade