Color of the Week - D145 Finale

You know I have to ask because you know we are still here, sooo how is everyone hanging in there during quarantine? For those of you who celebrated Easter this weekend, how was it? It was definitely different to say the least, but with the power of technology, we all “got together” and made it work. For those of you who don’t celebrate Easter, how was your weekend.

Feel relaxed yet classy with our color of the week, D145 Finale. Finale is a light, sandy nude dip powder. She reminds me of the beach so much, and I cannot wait for all this to be over. What’s the first thing that you will be doing once things go back to normal? Where will you go? I will for sure be hitting up my favorite Ramen shop and the movies.

D145 Finale can make a great full dip powder manicure, but you can add a pop of pink when you pair this dip powder with Aloha or D300 Princess. I personally love pairing nudes with a good beachy color, like a turquoise dip powder like D524 Julep, that is in our Spring Drop In Collection or a cute purple like SC17 Cayman Islands.

Photo of Color of the week D145 Finale swatch | Revel Nail Dip Powder

Even though we are limiting the number of colors on our site during this time, we will still be doing color of the weeks along with our Mani Mondays. If you missed our Mani Monday Live, you can watch it here. Meg walks you through our full Revel Nail dip powder manicure process with D328 Satin. She dips one finger on Facebook and does the other finger for the viewers on Instagram.

I hope you gals, have fun with all that Finale has to offer. Be sure to post and tag us on Instagram, with #RevelNail and #YesRevel, of your at home dip powder manicure looks with Finale. That’s all I have for today, be sure to check back on Fierce Nail Friday. Hang in there everyone, we will get through this. Have an awesome week, and stay safe.