Join our Facebook Customer Community


Our Revel Nail Customer Community on Facebook just hit a milestone - 10,000 members! We started the group as a way for our customers to connect and share tips, tricks, dip powder manicure insp, and to talk nails! The group has grown so quickly over the last year, and we love that! If you are having trouble choosing a color, having issues with application, or want to know how to stamp over your dip powder manicure - the wonderful ladies in our group (and a few men, too!) are always happy to help! We work hard to create a positive, fun atmosphere where our customers can meet and share! If you're not already a member, head over to Facebook and request to join. We do ask that you agree to read and abide by the rules first (just answer the question when you request to join).

We always give our group members a little something extra - an extra coupon or special offer, contests, sneak peeks at new products, early access to sales - LOTS of great reasons to join! Come meet us in the Revel Nail Customer Community group, and let's talk dip powder!