Fall Inspired Nail Trends

Welcome to Fall!

The season of pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING and when we can finally show our true colors (it’s now socially acceptable to wear all the black clothes in our closets). It’s also the season to switch up our nail colors and hop on board with new fall dip powder manicure trends.


(Photo courtesy of Megan T. via our Facebook Customer Community)

This season the ombré look is very popular. This look is when you gradually blend one color to another. It may look hard to achieve, but don’t forget looks are deceiving. It’s easy to achieve this trend using a makeup brush to sprinkle the powder. Sprinkle one color from the nail bed toward the tip, going for less coverage as you move away from the bed. Sprinkle the second color from the nail tip toward the base, with heaviest coverage at the free edge. Alternatively, you can do two full dips of the background color and use the makeup brush to sprinkle on some sparkle, like Megan T. did above!


Transitioning to Darker Colors

(Photo courtesy of Kim R. via our Facebook Customer Community)

Fall is the season to transition to darker colors! From maroon, to navy blue and plum, to olive green, we have over 280 colors to choose from to get your nails ready for this and every season. For all of you Libras, your power color this season is blue – check out D69 Sabrina and D367 Duel! For you Scorpios you’ll love our original black D7 Barbra or switch it up with a little glitter and try D388 Starry Night! Celebrating last this season are all the Sagittarius ladies who will love D132 Mystified and D368 Vamp.

Check our our special selection of Fall ready colors!

Accent Nail

(Proud with Tiara accent nail photo courtesy of JoeAna K. via our Facebook Customer Community)

Another trend taking over everyone’s nails is adding a glitter accent nail. Whether it’s silver, gold, red, pink, or multi-color, we’ve got you covered. A glitter accent nail is perfect for any and every dip powder manicure this season. If full on glitter isn’t your thing, look for colors that say “shimmer” in the description for a more subtle sparkle. Check out some of our popular glitters to add to your collection!