3/18/19 Color of the Week is D144 Falsetto! | Dip Powder

D144 Falsetto

Color of the week: D144 Falsetto

Who's wearing it? Wearing this week's Color of the Week is Haleigh! Haleigh is Revel Nail's fantastic graphic designer!

Our Color of the Week, D144 Falsetto mani

Description of color: D144 Falsetto is a peachy nude color.

Why do you like the color? I LOVE natural/nude shades. I’m a little basic with my manicures, but I’ll do any length with a nude shade.

CColor of the week

Occasion/holiday it’s perfect for: Every. Single. Day. Also, any occasion!

What would you pair it with: Falsetto would be perfect as an ombre with D148 Interlude OR just by itself *shoulder shrug*

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