Color of the Week is D349 Endless!

D349 Endless - Color of the Week - Shop Now

Color of the week: D349 Endless - On SALE for $5/10/15 for a 0.5/1/2 oz jar through Sunday!

Who’s wearing it: Wearing this week’s color of the week is TiTi! TiTi is probably the sweetest employee at Revel Nail and always knows how to put a smile on everyone’s face.

Description of color: D349 Endless is a muted apple red.

Why do you like the color: I love that Endless is not too red. It has hues of pink and orange in it which makes it softer on the eyes.



D349 Endless - Color of the Week - Shop Now

Occasion/holiday it’s perfect for: Valentine’s Day and for the spring/summer! The pink and orange hues give it a bright look and feeling.

What would you pair it with: D74 Veronica (French White), D389 Victoria, and D7 Barbara if you’re feeling dark.