2021 Fall Favorites

By: Sami Speegle

Lets pumpkin spice things up a bit this year! Good thing we launched our Bohemian Bouquet AND our Fall Drop In Collections because earthy tones, glitters and foils are a total vibe this fall. Im here to share with you my favorite manicures for the fall season!

If you are looking for a subtle matte look, try out D238 Carouse, D598 Laurel, D452 Arco or D531 Flannel.  I personally LOVE the matte look as it brings a new chic look to your nails. Its a perfect manicure if you are going to pumpkin patches, wine tasting with friends or spending time with family.


@nicmcnailsit [D238 Carouse]


@evs16_manis [D598 Laurel, D594 Bryn, + D455 Calaca]

If you are looking for more of an out-of-box, fun manicure to try this season- mix up our colors to create a multi-combination mani! The good thing about our fall launches is the color combinations are endless! You could choose any color from D597 Willow to D615 Cider and it would be harmonizing. Youd definitely have your barista complementing your manicure while picking up your Apple Cider with this one!


@steffs_nails [D618 Vista + D615 Cider]


Soteria F. [D532 Spiced, D528 Cornstalk, + D530 Amber]

If you want to try something NEW this fall try out the pick & place method or color blocking method using our Campfire Stories Collection! We have great tutorials to teach you how! If you are interested in learning a fun new technique this fall, here is our Color Blocking Tutorial!


@boisenailjounrey [D527 Acorn + D615 Cider]

Or if you are looking for more of an easy-going glam look, check out our Pick and Place Method!


@jenndoesnailstx [D562 Embrace, Modern Muse + D612 Tapestry]

Just remember, when dipping into Revel Nail dip powder, the colors and opportunities for your manicure are ENDLESS! We cannot wait to see what you have planned for your fall manicures. Be sure to tag us and hashtag #yesrevelnail!