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Trench Coat | Gloss Medium Coffin Press-On Nails


About this set:

A medium coffin semi-sheer with a light nude tint and a glossy finish.

Color: Nude

Length: Medium

Shape: Coffin

Finish: Gloss

Effect: Creme

1-Year Money-Back Guarantee

To Apply:

1. Ensure natural nails are clean and free of oils.
2. File nails and lightly buff the surface of the nail to remove any shine.
3. Wipe nail with rubbing alcohol Select correct nail size for each nail on both hands.
4. For a wear time of 1-2 days, apply a small dot of glue to center of the natural nail. For a wear time of up to a week, apply a thin strip of glue down the center of the natural nail. For a wear time of up to two weeks, apply a thin layer of glue to the entire natural nail and back of the press on nail.
5. Line up the press on nail to the natural nail and hold for 30+ seconds with medium pressure. Repeat on all nails.
6. File to preferred length and enjoy perfect nails!

To Remove:

Soak nails in warm, soapy water and gently push under the press on nail with the wooden stick to lift. The nail should pop off when ready. To prevent damage to the natural nail, do not force the press on nail off.


Applying cuticle oil will also aid in this process.

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