How to Apply

Step 1: Using the tweezer side of Lash Applicator, carefully remove eyelash from tray starting from the outer corner (Pro Tip: make sure to hold onto your packaging so you can reuse your lashes!)

Step 2: Measure eyelash against lash line and cut off excess from the outer corner (never the inner corner!)

Step 3: Wrap eyelash around finger or move the outer and inner corner inwards towards each other in an up and down motion to avoid lifting.

Step 4: Apply a thin layer of glue along the false eyelash from corner to corner. A little extra can be added to the corner to avoid lifting.

Step 5: Let the glue dry for about 30-45 seconds or until tacky

Step 6: Press the middle of the eyelash on the middle of your natural lash line. Then, press down the outer corner and then the inner corner. Hold until the lashes stick.

Step 7: Flaunt your new lashes!


How to Remove

Step 1: Using a makeup cleanser gently rub against your lash line until the glue is loosened.

Step 2: Using either the Lash Applicator or your fingers, slowly pull the eyelash off starting at the outer corner and pulling in towards the inner corner.

Step 3: Before putting your lashes back in the package, use eye makeup remover and remover to gently clean the band with a cotton swab.