You Work Hard, but Your Mani Works Harder

Working Hard with a Revel Mani
Knowing that a Revel Nail Dip Powder mani can last you at least 2-3 weeks with no chipping or lifting; have you ever wondered what others do while rocking their Revel dip powder manicures!? I decided to dive into our Revel Nail Customer Community Group on Facebook to see what crazy experiences people may have encountered or do on a daily basis while being in style with their Revel Nail Dip Powder manicures! So let’s take a look!
Are you planning on renovating your home soon for spring cleaning? Stephanie C. decided to start renovating her walls in her bathroom! Check it out! Stephanie was rocking Revel Nail Bubbly with Revel Nail Lovely for this fun renovation!

Do you rock your Revel dip powder manicure with your career or everyday life? Emilie S is a singer and a songwriter. She never uses a pick for her ukulele because her nails are STRONG enough to do the job on their own! How cool is that?! In this dip powder manicure she chose to rock this week is Revel Nail Truth!

Marisa A let’s us know that as an everyday mom, her Revel Nail Dip Powder mani stays long and strong! “

Washing millions of dishes, switching endless loads of laundry, wiping little tooshies, taking apart LEGO’s, getting smashed fingers, taking stoppers out of sippy cups, opening play makeup, picking tiny noses, the list is endless! 

The real question should be, “What can you NOT do with a Revel dip powder manicure!?” Because I can’t think of anything."

Featuring: Revel Nail Whirlpool


Lastly, Patty L. tells us what she does everyday while keeping her nails fresh and flawless, “

Everyday life with my special needs little one. Constantly washing wands, wearing gloves and Gtube feedings. Nail polish didn’t last hours!” In this particular dip powder manicure, she was rocking Revel Nail Sapphire & Revel Nail Champion.