Why do my nails hurt after using Dip Powder?

Why do my nails hurt after using Dip Powder?


Do you nails hurt after a Dip Powder manicure?  If so, read below to find out what can be causing it. It’s pretty straightforward and can only be one of a few things, so we’ll walk through the possible causes to help you figure out which one.


First, is the discomfort due to heat?  As in, when you are applying the manicure, the nail feels hot, but the feeling goes away eventually?  If so, then this is an easy fix.  It means you have too much Step 2 Activator that is not dry when you are applying the Step 3 Finish Gel to the nail.  The Activator is an ingredient whose job is to make step 1 and Step 3 solidify from a liquid into a solid that gives you a great, durable manicure.  It does that by reacting with those 2 ingredients, and that reaction gives off heat.  If you have a normal amount of Step 2 Activator on your nail, you won’t notice it because it only gives off a small amount of heat. However, if you have too much Activator on your anil – and it’s not dry enough – you will be able to feel the heat because the excess Activator will combine with the Finish Gel and give off heat when it does, and if you have too much it will give off more heat and can feel uncomfortable.  As soon as the excess Activator has reacted with the Finish Gel it will no longer give off heat, and you should not feel any discomfort from your manicure after that.


If you just have a general soreness after getting your mani on that lasts a few days and then goes away, the most likely cause for that is too much filing or drilling when your previous mani was removed.  The nail has multiple layers and if you remove too much of the nail when you are removing a manicure it will cause soreness – it hurts a little, but not stabbing pain.  The easiest way to prevent this is to be extremely careful when removing a manicure, or using something like Revel Nail’s Swift Soak https://www.revelnail.com/products/swift-soak-manicure-removal-system that doesn’t require anything other than light filing and will get your dip or gel manicure off in just minutes.


The last possibility is if your nails feel constantly sore or irritated the entire time you wear a manicure.  If that happens you most likely have a sensitivity to either Dip Powder or the Dip Powder Liquids.  A very small percentage of people have this sensitivity.  If you get redness on your cuticles when you get a manicure or you nail beds are sore for weeks when you get a mani, then you probably have this. You have a few options – you can apply Dip Powder using the Gel Method – you can learn about it here: https://www.revelnail.com/products/gel-base-coat - or you can try the Sensitive Liquids, which are for people who are sensitive to the ingredients in the regular Dip Powder Liquids: https://www.revelnail.com/products/sensitive-dip-powder-liquid-set-old?_pos=1&_sid=4c52a312f&_ss=r.  If neither of those works, then it’s the powder you are sensitive to and you should avoid Dip Powder manicures.  There is still Gel Polish and Nail Polish, so you can use them if they don’t cause discomfort.


Why do your nails hurt after a Dip Powder manicure?  We looked at 3 things – they feel too warm, they are sore for a few days, or they are sore the entire time you wear the manicure.  Those different issues each have different causes – some may be related to your Dip Powder, and some are not, so take a look at each of the possible causes and what you can do.  If you have more questions, at Revel Nail we are Dip Powder experts and we’d be happy to help you, just drop us a line at sales@revelnail.com.