What is the best brand of Dip Powder?

What is the best brand of Dip Powder?


The best brand of Dip Powder is Revel Nail Dip Powder, it is made in the USA with safe, high-quality ingredients and has passed stringent EU testing that proves it.  The reason that Revel Nail is the best brand of Dip Powder is because it is made in the US by some of the world’s best Dip Powder engineers under strict quality control standards, using only the highest quality ingredients.  As one of the first manufacturers of Dip Powder, Revel Nail has extensive experience manufacturing high quality Dip Powder that is safe and healthy to use.  Do you know who is making your Dip Powder, where they are and what kind of ingredients they are using?


You might say that of course we would say that, we are Revel Nail, and that’s a fair point.  However, we know what goes into our powder and we are confident that it stacks up against the best powders in the world.  We make it in our facility in Blackwood, NJ, right here in the USA under very strict guidelines to make sure that we produce only the best powder.  We have passed the extremely strict EU registration guidelines and tests to be able to sell our powders in the EU.   We source our materials from the same suppliers that are making the most famous and expensive Dip Powders on the market – we use our own process to make Dip Powder from those materials and offer it a great price because Revel Nail is the #1 producer of small batch colors in the world – no other company is able to manufacture the diverse number of colors we are able to, thanks to our industry trade secret process.


The fact is that other brands who are sourcing their powders from outside the US cannot make these claims.  They are manufactured overseas and shipped to the US and there is very little regulation and control over what ingredients are used in the powder and how they are processed.  Even overseas manufacturers that claim to have safe ingredients and processes are sometimes found to be simply copying the manufacturing paperwork of US based producers.  At Revel Nail we have firsthand experience with receiving unsolicited sales outreach from an overseas powder manufacturer and being given paperwork to back up the manufacturer’s claims of safety that is a direct copy of the paperwork produced by a well-known US manufacturer.


When you are putting something directly on your body you are putting a lot of trust of in the people who make that product that they made something safe and reliable for you to use.  At Revel Nail we take that very seriously and produce only powders that are made from the best ingredients and that meet all US and EU regulations for safety and quality.  When you are buying from an overseas manufacturer, it’s very hard to know what is in the powder unless you have the skills and lab equipment to test for a variety of chemicals that can be used that are cheaper than Dip Powder. 


Companies that are offering Dip Powder for extremely low prices are cutting corners somewhere – and cutting corners is not the kind of thing you want in products that you put on your body for an extended period of time.  You can trust Revel Nail – we test every single batch of Dip Powder we produce to make sure it passes our strict quality standards.


When we say we make the best Dip Powder in the world, it’s not just talk – we test our powder, we test our ingredients, and we submit our products to 3rd party lab testing to make sure we can meet the quality standards we expect and you deserve.  Buying our powder and using it to do a manicure is a sign that you trust us and our products, and we work hard every day to earn that trust and maintain our reputation.


If you have any questions about our products or their safety, you can contact us at Sales@revelnail.com and we’ll answer any questions.