Valentine's Day Trend Alert

This or That: Valentine’s Day Edition
We asked our Instagram followers what their preferences are when it comes to Valentine’s Day dip powder manicures so that we can better serve you with inspo. We wanted to know if you prefer pinks or reds, long nails or short nails, and cremes or glitters during the month of February. Keep reading to learn what the overall consensus was! 
What are you wearing this month? Pinks or Reds?
70% of our followers said pinks, while 30% said reds. At Revel HQ, some of our favorite pink shades for Valentine’s Day are D373 Bloom, D36 Jessica, D389 Victoria, GC3 Kindle, and D300  Princess. Wear them alone or pair them with your favorite glitter shade!
What are you dipping into this month? Creme or Glitter?
54% of our followers said glitter and 46% said creme. Looks like glitters it is! After all, you can never wear TOO much glitter! 
@britsadiption [D444 Rose Quartz] 
@minnie_mani [D562 Embrace, D483 Pillowtalk]

What length are you keeping your nails this month? Long or Short?
70% of our followers voted short, while only 30% voted long. Although long nails are nice to look at, short nails are definitely way more practical for most of our lifestyles! See some of our  favorite short nail looks below.
@mirandas_nailcreations [Puppy Love (Candy Hearts)]
@clem_dips_nails [D340 Truth, D483 Pillowtalk]
What look are you planning this month? Plain & Simple or Designs?
77% of our followers said plain & simple and 23% said they would rock designs this month.  Although we do love designs, sometimes less is more!
@katelynlouisenails [D374 Sasha] 
Heidi Leslie [D43 Lilian, D245 Glam] 
@dipitgood_85 [D309 Heaven, D117 Enchanted]