Valentine's Day Nail Designs

Written By: Meg S.


Click here to watch our latest IGTV featuring four new designs that’ll make you swoon this Valentine’s Day! These dip powder manicure looks can be recreated with any of our Revel Nail Shades so we wanted to still share these tutorials!




But of course, don’t worry! We’ve created a cheat of shades you can use to #Getthelook using Revel Nail Dip Powder shades you may already have.


The best thing about doing your nails? That buzz of mastering a seemingly intricate design! This rose inspired design may look hard to master, but we bet you can master a few squiggly lines. We’ve used Soul Mate as our base, but we suggest dipping into D254 Lust, Soul Mate’s purple sister!


Next up, we have a timeless vertical glitter ombre! Dip into the creme shade of your choice. We went with a nude shade, to find yours be sure to check out our new Bare With Me Kit! To get the most seamless ombre we suggest using our Ombre brushes, we’ve designed them for the perfect amount of powder pick up, now time to choose which glitter you’ll be dipping into…we used XOXO from our Candy Hearts set but we’ve got loads of pink glitters to choose from!

Here are a few of my favorites: MR3 Triumph, D307 Miracle, D483 Pillowtalk, and D444 Rose Quartz.


Speaking of pretty pink glitters, that brings us to our next design…dip into any of your favorite chunky glitters, might I suggest D448 Amethyst switching it up from the classic Valentine’s day pinks and reds? The real star of the look is our D7 Barbara Gel Mate, while our Gel Polishes are only available to Professionals you can use any of our regular mates to get this look. The key is to take the letters in small steps, instead of trying to jump right into all four letters!


We all know that feeling, you’ve got three great colors you want to use but have no idea which to choose? Why not just ombre all three together?! What makes this trip color ombre special is the way the colors are layered together, by separating the two glitters shade with a soft shimmer it allows for clear definition between the three shades allowing them to shine on their own while melting together. Want this look? Try using D495 Madam, D510 Voyage, D555 Dreamwork in place of Kiss Me, D36 Jessica, D77 Bubbly or D254 Lust in place of Soul Mate and MR3 Triumph, D307 Miracle, D483 Pillowtalk, and D444 Rose Quartz in place of XOXO