Ombre Dip Powder Nails

Ombre Dip Powder Nails


What is an Ombre Dip Powder Manicure?  How do you do it?  How’s it different than other popular manicure looks?  We’ll look at all the ways you can use Dip Powder to achieve an Ombre look for a manicure and why it’s so popular!


Do you prefer videos?  Check out this video!


Ombre is the term for a manicure where the color fades from one to another.  It’s different than a traditional manicure like a French Manicure that has a solid line that separates the colors.  The ombre fades gradually for a different look that is unique.


Here is a traditional Baby Boomer Ombre set:


 Ombre dip powder manicure nails by Karin Nails


Ombre’s traditionally go side to side, but they can also go vertically for a different look, where each side of the nail fades into the other, instead of top to bottom.


This is what a vertical Ombre looks like:


Vertical Ombre Dip Powder manicure nails by mlin813


And it can be fun to try new things like a Glitter Ombre like this – where you are ombre-ing (I think we just made that word up!) into the Glitter on the tip:


 Glitter Ombre Dip Powder nails manicure by nailsbyayna


Ombre is popular with Dip Powder Manicures because the powder makes the ombre effect much easier to make.   Liquid manicures like polish or gel don’t allow for the use of a brush to sprinkle the powder like you can with Dip Powder so its almost impossible to achieve the same effect. Dip Powder manicures are the most popular way to get an Ombre manicure.


The simplest way to achieve the Ombre Look is with an ombre brush like this and you dip the brush into the powder and then tap it over the finger you are applying the ombre to.  It will sprinkle over the finger and you can fade it into the area you want to provide the ombre dip powder manicure look that you are trying to achieve.   


Ombre is not a hard look to achieve, and can really make your Dip Powder manicure look awesome, so grab two colors you like, pick up an ombre brush, check out the tutorial and try a new look today.