NEW! Introducing Our Spring Break Spring Drop-Ins in Dip Powder and Gel Polish

Say goodbye to winter blues and welcome the joyful hues of spring with our irresistible Spring Break Spring Drop-In collection.

Everyone: 2/1 at 10 AM, ET
Whether you prefer the longevity of dip powder or the ease and durability of gel polish, we've got you covered all spring long.
Meet the Spring Break Dip Powder Shades:
D1064 Sightseeing
Sightseeing was made to be the perfect sidekick to D521 Sorbet! She is a bright peachy orange with subtle blue shimmers that changes to deep magenta in the sun.
D1065 Girls Trip
Girls Trip was made to wear on a weekend away with your besties. She is a bubblegum pink base filled with iridescent and silver flakes. Girls Trip pairs perfectly with D522 Debutante for an all-pink mani! 
D1066 All-Inclusive
All-Inclusive is a pastel yellow base with pastel orange, yellow, pink, purple and blue matte glitters. All-Inclusive is just that, she pairs wonderfully with any pastel shade! Her base matches D523 Mellow perfectly if you are looking to add some more color to your mani.

 D1067 Weekend Getaway
Weekend Getaway is a mint green shimmery base with dark teal and light mint small glitters and larger mint and iridescent glitters. Weekend Getaway is the perfect pair for D524 Julep! She also pairs beautifully with D656 Swoop if you are looking for a darker mani!
D1068 Water Excursions
Water Excursions is a light blue base with silver shimmers and a mixture of silver and iridescent glitters whose base changes to a darker blue when cold. Water Excursions pairs perfectly with D525 Dewdrop! Or pair with D408 Bonjour if you are looking for something lighter.
D1069 Jetsetter
Jetsetter is a bright neon purple that glows violet! Jetsetter is a perfect creme pair for D526 Castle. She also pairs well with D409 Ciao if you are looking for an all creme mani.
Meet the Spring Break Gel Polish Shades:
G785 Limoncello is a semi-sheer neon yellow jelly with a touch of lime green.

G1095 Souvenir is a medium coral base with gold shimmers.

G1096 Passport is a bubblegum pink base with fine shimmers.

G1097 Boarding Pass is a celery green base with captivating gold shimmers.

G1098 Carry-On is a medium baby blue with gold shimmer.

G1099 Baggage Claim is a medium lavender base with light pink shimmer.