Looking for a manicure that will snap, crackle & pop?

United We Stand is back . . . and they've brought some sparklers with them! We're proud to introduce you to our new Red, White and BOOM set!

Bring on the fireworks and allow these shades to light up your world! Red, White, and Boom is a limited edition set including five 0.5 oz dip powders. This nail dip powder kit is perfect for summer festivities!

When can I shop?

Everyone can shop our United We Stand and Red, White and Boom sets on 5/18/22 at 10 AM, ET


$40 USD


Buy a Red, White and Boom set and get 50% off of United We Stand. No code needed. Promo is valid through 5/22/22 at 11:59 PM, ET.

Meet the Red, White and Boom Colors:

D709 Firecracker

D709 - Firecracker

Make sparks fly with Firecracker! Sparkle with blue and fuchsia hex glitters! Firecracker gives your festive dip powder manicure the perfect touch. Looking for a red creme to pair this glitter with? We suggest checking out D549 Betsy!

D710 Flare

D710 - Flare

Flare is the patriotic must-have red shade for the 4th of July, but in glitter style! Flare is filled with red glitters which makes it perfect to dip into for holidays all year round. If you’re looking for a red and blue duo, dip into D550 Liberty!

D711 Stars

D711 - Stars

It’s time to pull out the bold stripes and bright STARS. Stars is a blue glitter with red stars on top! Pair with a blue or red shade to make your dip powder manicure pop!

D712 Finale

D712 - Finale

Finale is the show-stopper of the set! Finale is beaming with red, blue, and silver flakes. Want the full festive look? Pair with D549 Betsy and D550 Liberty!

D713 Rocket

D713 - Rocket

Rocket is a light blush that turns red when cool. This shade give you red, white, and blue in just one mani! Rocket glows to a blue shade in the dark.