Is Dip Powder Healthy For Your Nails?

Is Dip Powder Healthy For Your Nails?

 We’re going to tackle the question today – is Dip Powder Healthy For Your Nails?  And unlike some clickbait headline, we won’t make you read a bunch and click through three pages of ads to see an answer – the answer is yes!  We’ll review a little bit of what Dip Powder is made from, why those ingredients are healthy for use on your body, and some tips to follow to make sure you have the healthiest nails possible.

The first thing to help you understand why Dip Powder is healthy for your nails is to review the ingredients of Dip Powder, of which there are 2 main parts – the liquids and the powder.  First, let’s look at the powder, the PEMA – Polyethylmethacrylate.  In Revel Nail’s Dip Powder, this powder is 100% made here in the US, under strict quality control with only the highest quality of ingredients. If you use another brand of Dip Powder its worth asking them where it’s made – other countries in the world don’t have the same standards as the US and EU do for cosmetics, and Revel Nail only uses US FDA and EU regulatory compliant glitter, pigments and powders to make our Dip Powders. To be sold in the EU we had to submit to rigorous testing around quality, stability, moisture levels, and more to make sure the product is safe to wear on the human body for an extended period of time.  If you are buying from a company that is making powder outside the US and EU they may not be adhering to these kinds of standards, so make sure you get your powder from a reputable company that is clear about its suppliers and where its powder is made.

Because the powder is a solid, not a liquid like Gel Polish is – its inert and won’t be absorbed by the body.  Just like a napkin will absorb a liquid but a solid won’t be absorbed, it’s the same with your skin and nails.  Your skin and nails can absorb liquids that they are in contact with for an extended period of time, but not solids.  This is one of the things that makes Dip Powder so safe to use.

But what about the parts that do come in contact with your skin/nails – the liquids?  That’s a great question!  The liquids are adhesives that come from the medical industry – the types of adhesives used if you have a cut glued together instead of stitches, or if you have a surgery where hardware is placed in your body like an artificial hip or knee, they use adhesives that are safe to be used on the human body in those procedures.  So that’s where Dip Liquids are from – the same family of products used in the medical industry on the human body so they are safe to in contact with the skin and nail for extended periods of time without any damage or transfer of chemicals to the body.

 This is one of the core differences between Dip Powder and Gel Polish.  If you have a Gel Polish or Dip Powder manicure applied correctly, the liquids that are touching your nails should be completely cured to solids and your nails won’t be affected at all.  However, for some women, if the Gel Polish is not cured completely through, their nails will absorb some of it and soften, because Gel Polish in liquid form is not meant to be in contact with the nail for an extended time – in its cured, solid state it is safe to be in contact with the nail because it can’t absorb anything.  For a Dip Powder manicure, even if the Base liquid is not cured (it should be if done properly!) it won’t affect the nail at all because it is designed to be used with the human body and be safe for contact with skin and nails.   

The guarantee that you won’t have soft nails after a Dip Powder Manicure no matter what is one of the things that makes a Dip Powder Manicure so healthy to use. For a lot of women, that is a major reason they prefer Dip Powder on their nails as opposed to Gel Polish. 

But, just like anything, you need to use Dip Powder correctly in order to keep your nails healthy when you have a Dip Powder Manicure.  The biggest thing here is to only remove your Dip Powder manicure in a safe way – drill or file the top, shiny layer off, then soak it in acetone until it comes off very easily.  We have a kit here that has everything you need to do that:  


If you peel the Dip Powder off, or use a drill and drill too much of it off, you can damage the top layer of your nail.  That can leave you with nails that are weak, soft, or feeling sore.  That has nothing to do with the Dip Powder itself, it’s the improper removal that is causing the damage. Any nail treatment you choose – Nail Polish (lacquer), Gel Polish, Dip Powder, Press-ons, Gel Extensions, Acrylics – if you peel them off and don’t follow the proper procedure, they will damage your nails.

 If you’d like to try Dip Powder at home yourself, you can get a kit from Revel Nail here: that has every  you need including tools and a removal kit, or you can try one like this that has 4 different colors to get you started:


You can see all of our different Starter Kits here: - now that you know that Dip Powder is safe and healthy, it’s also a lot of fun and it’s very durable, so enjoy!