How To: Self Cleaning Art Brush

If you’re someone who loves to add a design to your dip powder manicure, our Self Cleaning Art Brush will be your next nail must-have! Your Art Brush will come in handy when you’re looking to create an abstract design, lines, flowers, hearts and more!

What is the Self Cleaning Art Brush?
It’s a striping brush that is designed for precision and control. Let your creativity take control! This brush is formulated to handle Gel Polish, Nail Lacquer, or Pro Base + Dip Powder. This bottle comes filled with acetone for easy self cleaning in between each use. Grab the Self Cleaning nail Art Brush with your nail dip powder kits for the detailed mani of your dreams. 
1. Remove brush from bottle.
2. Wipe on a lint free surface until dry.
3. Dip into Gel Polish, Nail Lacquer, or Pro Base + Dip Powder.
4. Let your creativity take place and create your nail art!
5. Wipe brush on a lint free surface and place back in bottle for your next use.
@nickys.dip.nails [D557 Goal Digger]