How to use Nail Decals with Revel Nail Dip Powder

By: Sami Speegle

We recently launched our Bohemian Bouquet Collection and decals were an added bonus! If you are fairly new to dipping, you may wonder how you apply these gorgeous decals during the dip process. Or maybe you’ve been dipping for years and just haven’t tried decals! Well, here we have a few different techniques from our customers in our Customer Community Group on Facebook!

Tip #1 Top it off 

What you will need: D75 Vivien or D77 Bubbly and EZ or Pro liquids. First, you will want to dip into the color of your choice using your Pro Base. After you’ve achieved the amount of thickness desired, apply a layer of Pro Base, stick the decal in the placement of your choice and then dip into D75 Vivien or D77 Bubbly to encapsulate the decal. Dip into D75 Vivien or D77 Bubbly once more if needed. Follow through with Activator, buff and then apply your Finish Gel. Voila! 

Tip #2 Gelling it up with Decals

What you will need: EZ or Pro Liquids and either Tack Free Gel Top Coat, the Matte Gel Top Coat or the Glass Shield Gel Top Coat. Follow the normal dip process, stopping after Activator. Use a lint-free paper towel to wipe your nails, ensuring your nails are completely dry. Use tweezers to pick up your decal and place the decal down until it is flat. Finish your manicure off with two coats of your choice of gel top coat and cure under a UV light for 60 seconds. Cure once more if needed!

Tip #3 Stick and Go

What you will need: EZ or Pro Liquids. Follow Step 1 and apply the dip powder color of your choice 2-3 times. Activate and buff. Once you’ve buffed and wiped off access powder, apply your decal. Lastly, finish with two coats of your Finish Gel! 

Now that you have a few different choices on how to apply decals to your manicures, what method will you use? Be sure to tag us and hashtag #YesRevelNail! 

Stephanie B. [D598 Laurel, D594 Bryn, D143Ensemble]


Taylor K. [D598 Laurel, D599 Brooke, D19 Emily]


Estefeny F. [D455 Calaca]