How to Take Care of Dip Powder Manicures at Home

How to Take Care of Dip Powder Manicures at Home       


If you’ve gone to the salon and gotten a Dip Powder manicure, but want to take it off at home, we’re going to show you how.  Dip Powder can be removed with Acetone, so you’ll need Acetone in order to do that – the closer to 100% Acetone the faster it will come off.  You’ll also want a nail file to help – you could use a drill, but you don’t need to.  Don’t worry, this will be no problem to take off at home, we’ll show you how.


Dipped Nail, Dip Gel, Dip Powder, Dip Powder Mani – whatever you call it, you got a Dip Powder manicure at the salon (or you did it yourself at home – if you’d like to do that, you can get a kit here: ) and now you would like to remove it.  Hopefully you had great wear – Dip Powder Manicures should last more than 2 weeks without chipping, lifting, or breaking.  But eventually your nails will grow, and you’ll need to remove it anyway.

Don’t pick at it!  Dip Powder bonds very strongly to your nails and will peel off the top layer of your nail if you pick at it.  Use acetone, it’s the safest way to get it off.


The simplest way to do this, that doesn’t require much is an acetone wrap.  First, take a nail file and buff your nail.  You want to take the shine off the nail – this will break the seal and allow the acetone to soak into the manicure to take it off easily.  Then, take a cotton ball, soak it in acetone and place it on your fingers and wrap it in tin foil to keep in place.  Let it sit for 10-15 minutes and then you should be able to remove the Dip Powder with a mani stick or just by rubbing the cotton ball on it.


If you plan on taking your mani off a lot then there is a quicker solution – Revel Nail’s Swift Soak:


Swift Soak is a Patent Pending removal system.  It has a chamber for heated water that will warm the acetone – warm acetone is much more effective than room temperature, but Acetone is flammable so Swift Soak allows you to safely warm it.  It also has scrub pads that you can rub your nails on that will make the manicure come off in under 5 minutes.


You can check out the videos on the product page here that show you how to use it safely:


A few tips for the best results with Swift Soak:

  • Use 100% pure acetone – non-whitening acetones will leave a film on the bowl.
  • Clean it up immediately after using – if you let it sit, it will stick to the bowl
  • You can soak up the remaining acetone with a paper towel after using it
  • Rub your nails on the bristles, don’t dig. Digging will damage the bristles.