How To Remove Your Gel Polish Without Damaging Your Nails

It's time to break up with your tedious and damaging removal process. Learn how our Swift Soak Removal System has changed the manicure removal game for both dip powder and gel polish users!

Tips To Remove Your Gel Nails WITHOUT the damage:

  • Safely warm up your acetone using our Swift Soak bowl. Simply put hot water (NOT BOILING) in the bottom compartment, and 100% acetone in the top compartment. Wait about five minutes for acetone to heat up. Allowing it to warm up is key because warm acetone equals faster removal and less exposure to acetone!
  •  Use the built-in silicone scrubbers on the inside of the Swift Soak bowl to gently remove the product from your nails. These bristles are not only effective for product removal, but they will not hurt the surface of your natural nails.
  • Lastly and most importantly, NEVER force product off of your nails! It doesn't matter whether you wear dip powder or gel polish, lifting or peeling your nail enhancements forcibly WILL cause lasting damage.

In conclusion, manicure removal does not have to be difficult or damaging. Our Swift Soak Removal System has taken the nail industry by storm for a good reason - it's fast, efficient and non-damaging.