How To Get Clean Cuticle Lines With Dip Powder

We've all been there, applied our dip powder a little too close to the cuticle line and now...the mani is lifting! To avoid lifting and have a salon-quality dip powder manicure, a clean cuticle is a MUST-HAVE!

How do you get a clean cuticle line you ask? We'll walk you through it, step by step!

1. Prep the nails using a fine drill bit or buffer block - you want to gently buff the natural shine off of your nails and push back those cuticles!

2. Apply a thin layer of Pro Base just 3/4 to the way of your cuticle, applying in a rounding motion.

Pro Tip: Always wipe the excess off of your Pro Base brush to ensure nice and thin layers!

3. Dip into the powder of your choice.

4. Apply Pro Base all the way to your cuticle line. Be sure not to get any excess on your cuticle lines to avoid flooding the cuticles.

5. Dip into your powder of choice again.

6. Activate, File and Buff.

7. Apply your Finish Gel and you're good to go!

Watch Step by Step on our @RevelNail YouTube Channel: here!