How to do a Quick and Easy DIY French Manicure At Home

We have the ultimate tip for a flawless French manicure right out of the comfort of your own home. Introducing our NEW pre-colored French tip extensions, designed for that effortless French tip manicure!

How To Achieve A Quick and Easy French Manicure At Home:

Step 1 - Push back your cuticle and buff the surface of your nails.

Step 2 - Find the correct sized tip for each nail. Make sure the tip fits sidewall to sidewall. 

Step 3 - Apply Pro Base to the tip where it will meet your nail. 

Step 4 - Press the tip on and hold for 30 seconds, or until dry. 

Step 5 - Apply Activator where the tip meets the nail.

Step 6 - Clip or fold off the easy hold tab. 

Step 7 - File the sides and surface of the tip to ensure a smooth transition from your natural nail. Brush off any excess dust.

Step 8 - Dip into your favorite sheer pink shade. We recommend D71 Scarlett.

Step 9 - Finish your dip manicure as normal, and just like that you have a flawless French tip manicure!