Glitters and Shimmers Day

Written by: Sami S.


If I were to choose one type of manicure for the rest of my life, it would be a glitter dip powder manicure! Are you like me and you love having a touch of sparkle? Or, if you were to choose one type of mani would it be a glitter dip powder manicure? Maybe you want to step out of your comfort zone to try something new? If you answered yes, today is YOUR day!

Today ONLY we are launching a steal of a deal! If you buy two glitters and/or shimmers- you get a clear 0.5 oz jar free! If you are a pro user, you can buy two glitters and/or shimmers in 2oz, you receive a clear 2oz jar for free! Check it out and snag this deal before it’s too late! Not sure what you would do with a glitter dip powder manicure? I’ve got a few inspirational photos that’ll make you run to our glitters section!


You can never go wrong with having a few glitter accent nails with a solid color. This modern muse dip powder manicure is the perfect example of a balance between glitter and solids.

 D378 Prosecco and D563 Reflect | Holiday Manicure ideas | Revel Nail Dip Powder

Are you unsure on how your nails would look with a full glitter look? Try out a glitter ombre! It’s the perfect medium for a glitter dip powder manicure and a solid manicure. Step out of your comfort zone and try this look!

D557 and D378 Prosecco | Gold Glitter | Holiday Nail Trends | Revel Nail Dip Powder 

Lastly, if you are glitter obsessed like I am, you can always go for a full glitter look to add that glamorous touch to your everyday dip powder manicure!

Gold Glitter D378 Prosecco | Holiday Nail Ideas | Revel Nail Dip Powder